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Animation Demo
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Scribble scrubbies.png

Siho voices Mika  in the Crayola Kingdom's animated series Scribble Scrubbie Pets. 


Siho voices Xu Feng in  the game Vampire The Masquerade Swansong.


Siho voices the character Meaghan an Aussie Adventuress & Guide in the Mattel animated series Polly Pawprints Adventures 3D!

Ghost Lord.png

Siho voices the Newscaster, Pinny the Ghost and various other characters in the latest VR Ghostbusters Game!


Siho voices Lady Zhen  in  Wo Long:  FALLEN DYNASTY


Siho was the in-game voice of the Junker Queen the ruler of Junkertown in the hit game Overwatch! 

Just for fun....

Take a listen to some fun voice matches...

Celia Mae-Monsters Inc.
Galadriel-Lord of the Rings

Siho voices agent Elizabeth Franklin in this special episode of the award winning science fiction audio drama The Leviathan Chronicles

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